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  • zach kring by teerdrop media
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Location: ATL, GA!!

Riding Since: Born

Sponsors: Eastern Bikes

Frame: Eastern Smoky Proto-Type

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Video by Brian Gregor

Top Picks

Top 3 Spots: Tallahassee Skate Park, hitting the woods, or anywhere in general

Top 3 Riders: Gary Young, Matt Hoffman, Doug Morrison (and of course, Robbie hehehehehhe)

Top 3 Foods: sweet potato casserole, any type of fruit smoothie, and lychee/anything lychee flavored

Top Musicians Right Now: My brain hurts from these questions, I love it all

Top 3 Movies: Waterboy, Night at the Roxbury, Undercover Brother

Top 3 BMX Movies: Hoffman Bikes Testimony, ...

Top 3 Photographers: Todd Nichols🙌


Hobbies: I try to do it all; wood working, cooking, I like DIRT, and watching Netflix with my lady

Vehicle: bicycle or catch a ride form a homie

Easy trick I've never been able to get: crank arm slide

Trick I wish I could do: crank arm slide

First Bike: can't remember

Favorite type of riding: I ride it all, I could ride a bump for hours, I have no preference as long as I'm riding.

What got me started riding: my father Tony Kring

Best place traveled: Louisville KY trip

Best roadtrip: From Atlanta to Louisville

What gets me motivated to ride: It's not about motivation, I'm addicted. I just HAVE to.

Describe your perfect session: My perfect session happens when everybody is riding with a smile.