Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Riding since: 2006

Frame: Eastern Grim Reaper X

Sponsors: Eastern Bikes, Mayhem Supply and Richie's Chicken

Hobbies: Camping, traveling, netflix, annoying my girlfriend, etc

Vehicle: 2008 Jeep Cherokee

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Top 3

Spots: Delshire Middle School Ledge, Delhi Skatepark, and downtown Cincinnati

Riders: Simone Barraco, Ethan Corriere, and Emerson Morgan (Also Charlie Crumlish as a bonus)

Foods: Chipotle, Richies Chicken, and any type of food for free

Musicians Right now: 21 savage, Juicy J, Lil Wayne

All Time Musicians: Michael Jackson, 21 savage, From first to Last

Movies: Training Day, Evil Dead, and Napolean Dynamite

BMX videos: Animal Can I eat, Road Fools 14, The system video

Photographers: Jhust Argenio, Jeff z, Chris Mortenson, Ansel Adams

Videographers: Charlie Crumlish, Tony Ennis, Zach Krejmas


Easy Trick You've Never Been Able to Get: Pull up bars haha

Trick you wish you could do: Whiplashes, I can do them but not how I want to, its a working process!

First Bike: Hoffman disrupter el2

First Trick you learned: bunny hops!

Favorite type of riding: Street of course

What got you started riding: Watching Animal can I eat and watching dudes meet up after school to go ride. Got myself a bicycle and started following the guys I looked up to and before you know it, I was apart of their crew and the rest is history

Best place traveled: Woodward West in Tehachapi, California

Best road trip: Mini road trips to louisville is always the best time

What gets you motivated to ride: Breakfast club interviews, riding videos, rail riders, chipotle, watching clips I havent released, my friends, and anything that really has something to do with bmx, normally gets me pumped to ride bikes

Describe your perfect session: 70 degree day at delhi skatepark or riding street with the homies