• Ryan Cibulski Invert photo by Stephen Horrocks
  • Ryan Cibulski fastplant photo by Todd Nichols
  • Ryan Cibulski tireslide down rail photo by Robbie Taylor


Location: Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Riding Since: 2010

Sponsors: Eastern, Summit BMX, Head On sports drink

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Top Picks

Top 3 Spots: Redstone, Ruby Hill, Parker

Top 3 Foods: Pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, witch, witch

Top Musicians Right Now: Chevelle, Black Label Society

Top BMX Movie: Matt Hoffman 30 for 30


Hobbies: Camping

Easy trick I've never been able to get: footplant 360

Trick I wish I could do: 720 fakie

First Bike: Amber Strut

Favorite type of riding: blasting and flowing

What got me started riding: being with the boys and pedaling

Best place traveled: San Francisco

Best roadtrip: trip to Fairplay with Kelsey Hoog

What gets me motivated to ride: watching other people ride

Describe your perfect session: golden hour trails