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Location: Canberra, Australia

Sponsors: Eastern Bikes

First Bike: mosh bagley

Favorite type of riding: park/dirt

Top 3

Top 3 Spots: Berry skatepark, Tuggeranong skatepark, Weston Creek skatepark

Top 3 Spots I'd like to ride: anywhere in the usa new zealand unit 23

Top 3 Foods: spaghetti, bananas, bacon

Top 3 All Time Musicians: jimmy barnes, rise against, zac brown band

Top 3 Movies: never back down, anything funny, 21

Top 3 BMX Movies: neastern bikes death of fun, props road fools, f-it

Top 3 Photographers: nicola williamson (my wife) troy harradine joel mason

Top 3 Videographers: nickehfilms, troy harradine, brendan boeck


Hobbies: spending time with my wife and kids

Vehicle: 2011 holden cruze

Easy trick I've never been able to get: flairs

Trick I wish I could do: whip to footjamwhip

First Bike: mosh bagley

Favorite type of riding: park/dirt

what got me started riding: my cousin chris barton asked me to go to the skatepark one day to hang out whilst he rode and I had ago of his bike and loved it since then

best roadtrip: was on a big air school tour from melbourne to the south coast of Australia doing shows and coaching clinics for kids along the way

What gets me motivated to ride: just bmx in general all I have to do is look at my bike and I want to ride.