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Location: Las Vegas, NV

Riding since: 2009

Frame: Grim Reaper X

Sponsors: Eastern Bikes, TXS Productions, NVRTD gloves

Hobbies: BMX, dirtbikes, hiking, camping, having fun with good friends

Vehicle: 95 Honda Civic

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Top 3

Spots: Desert breeze skate park, Chino skate park, streets

Riders: Larry Edgar, Zack Gerber, Coco Zurita

Foods: lasagna, tacos, smoothies

Musicians Right now: Russ, Wiz Khalifa, Suicideboys

All Time Musicians: System of the Down, Lynyrd Skynyrd, KMK

Movies: Heartbreak Ridge, Friday, Supercross

BMX videos: BSD “Any Which Way”, Dennis Enarson full part from the Nike vid, Kris Kyle “See Things Differently

Photographers: Anthony J Monica, Dalton Campbell

Videographers: Ryan Fudger, Ryan Galvan


Easy Trick You've Never Been Able to Get: Tail whips can land them but soooo sketchy lol

Trick you wish you could do: flip whips

First Bike: Huffy from the pawn shop but first real one was Redline

First Trick you learned: foot jam on flat

Favorite type of riding: everything park, dirt, vert, flatland, just love BMX want to be a all around rider

What got you started riding: didn’t have money for sports or racing so i started jumping off curbs on the way to a friends house. Then moved next to the skate park when i was 12 and saw this kid do backflips on a bike & said thats what i want to do lol

Best place traveled: haven’t really traveled but going to soon!!

Best road trip: going to AZ to the Street Fighter Jam with all my friends

What gets you motivated to ride: being on my bike & watching youtube videos!!

Describe your perfect session: having fun & not falling lol, but the best is if i start at 8am and end at 2am that night love riding everything all day with good friends!!