Tips & Tricks

How-To: Bike Lasso w/ Adam Banton

Eastern pro Adam Banton with some tricks and tips on the Bike Lasso.

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Bike Sizing


Use the height chart to determine what top tube length is the best fit for your size. This chart is only meant to guide you towards a bike frame that properly fits your proportions. Please take into consideration your experience, riding style, and preference. These factors are just as important as your height. Bikes are designed for riders 13 years old and up


Getting to know the different parts of a BMX frame is the first big step before buying your bike. For general sizing purposes, the top tube length is a good way to figure out what’ll be best for you. On each bike or frame page, we have a diagram like this listing the different tube sizes and angles.

3. Rider Usage

The products you buy should match your skill level and the tricks you practice. Some parts are designed to handle more stress and some parts are designed to be more economical. If you are doing big gaps, do your research and do not buy a lower level product. Compare your current set of tricks with the ones on the chart to figure out what skill level of bike or product you need.

These skill icons are located below products on the site to show what kind of abuse these parts are designed for.